Road transport is the mode of freight transportation by land as cars, buses, trucks, tankers, car fooc, container trucks, trailers, semi-trailers pulling cars …

Transportation by road is the popular form of transport and the most common in this kind of transportation. This type of transport has outstanding advantage is the convenience, portability and high adaptability to terrain conditions, with high economic efficiency on the short and medium distances.


Transportation of goods by road is always proactive about diversity in time and transportation of goods. But this form of transport is limited by the volume and size of the goods, do not carry large amounts of goods such as water transportation, but quite flexible with the volume of goods transported without too large and small.

Despite the highest freight road transport, but was rated as flexible shipping forms because they can move directly from warehouse to warehouse, from the place of production to the place of consumption, can operate in all conditions different weather, can meet the market requirements of goods …

Cargo transportation plays an important role in freight traffic activity contribute to the development of society and is the first choice for many owners want to move goods within the city, intercity. Road transport contributes a significant role in the growth of national economy. It also made great contributions to the budget through taxes and through the following services are developed to create more jobs for millions of workers.

Road transport is one of the chain’s transport operations our company for many years. With the trucks are the leading investors in Vietnam and the staff have years of experience on the roads across the country. We hope to meet all requirements of customers.

However, for international freight, road transport need to link with other modes such as sea, air …

Freight services Road:

Transportation of building materials: cement, plumbing, brick, sand, stone, steel, plaster, furniture, …
Transportation of agricultural products: Rice, corn, wheat, vegetables, fresh fruit, ….
Transportation of industrial production: woven fabrics, packaging, animal feed, machinery, …
Import and export freight.
Cargo transport, over-weight.

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